• logo design
• corporate standards
• business cards
• stationery/forms


• promo materials
• presentations
• sell sheets
• websites/social media



• newsletters
• catalogs/manuals
• reports
• strategy assessment
• copywriting
• photo editing
• document scanning



• decor/ retail design
• spacial planning

A good business strategy includes many facets of design,
including visual imagery, type and layout, as well as the
often overlooked decor and use of its office/retail space.


Sewfab - When your name gets around, it better look good!Branding is the "identity"
of a product, service or
business. This designation
will include typestyle, colour,
and/or symbol and tagline.
The brand can greatly affect
the character of your business
and establishes the foundation
of the customer expectation.


Hespeler School of Art Website Home PageMarketing is defined as "the
act or business of selling
and promoting products or
services. Your marketing
strategy needs web presence,
social media and print,
working together for a
clear customer message.


Grocery Store ConceptEnvironmental design,
as it applies to business
strategy, should complement
your branded identity.
Whether it's a retail setting,
reception space or gathering
place, your decor and spacial
planning can affect your
customer experience.


Newsletters and Pick ListsThere are many areas of
design that can fall outside
of normally defined design
services. These might include
catalogs, reports, copywriting
photo editing, and scanning
of documents. Whatever
your special needs, I'm sure
we can help you with your

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